What to look before buying a Pedestal Fan

A pedestal fan is an excellent alternative for table fans and air coolers. This why most of the people prefer purchasing a pedestal fan instead of table fan or an air cooler for their office space, home, or industry.

Here is the list of factors that you should consider while purchasing a pedestal fan.

Room Size –Pedestal fan delivers air at very high speed. Nevertheless, each fan has a fixed area to which the fan can deliver air. The area differs with each model and brand, so, check the specification and then purchase the product.

The speed of the fan – Different pedestal fans come with different speed settings.  The speed of the fan here refers to the maximum speed at which the blades can rotate. If you need a fan with high speed, check the specification.

The degree of movement – Pedestal fan come with fixed head and with a head designed to swing. If you are considering purchasing a pedestal fan to deliver air over a large area in a different direction, then, consider buying pedestal fan with swing function.

The height of the pedestal – Pedestal fan come in two models, fixed height pedestal fans and adjustable height pedestal fans. You would know the difference between each type, however, it is recommended that you should consider buying a product that comes with height adjustment feature.

Numbers of blade – Number of blades is what decides the amount of airflow from a fan in the first place. As the number of blades increases, the air flow also increases. However, there is one important thing that you should know; as the number of blades increases, the sound produced by the fan also increases. So, always consider purchasing a fan with a medium number of blades rather than preferring fans with a maximum number of blades.

Easiness of cleaning the blades –Pedestal fan comes with a feature that enables the user to open the pedestal fan head that houses the motor and blade. The blades get dirty after a few uses and this, in turn, reduces the airflow. The only way to increase the airflow is to clean the blade, so consider buying a pedestal fan with a feature that allows the user to clean the blades.


Considering all the factors mentioned above will help, you get yourselves or your loved ones the best pedestal fan in India on the market today.

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