Ram Navami 2017 Puja Shubh Muhurat Date Time

Ram Navami Festival – History, Significance and Celebrations

Ram Navami is a traditional and religious festival celebrated with great enthusiasm every year. It commemorates the birthday of Lord Rama, son of Queen Kausalya and King Dasaratha, from Ayodhya Kingdom. Lord Rama was seventh among Dashavatars of Hindu deity, Lord Vishnu. The festival falls at 9th day of Chaitra month in Shukla Paksha. It is also known as Suklapaksha Navami of Chaitra Masa which lasts 9 days.

It is celebrated by Hindu people for 9 days by organizing Akhand Paath from Ramacharita manas, Havan, religious Bhajan, distribution of Prasad, ritual Kirtan after the Aarti and Pooja at ninth day. The Lord Rama’s status has been made by the devotees in front of God. Since he was the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu who was born to remove the problems of common people, people decorate various pilgrimage places and temples for traditional prayers and fruits and flowers are offered to remove their problems with a lot of success and prosperity. They flock together to chant Aarti, Vedic mantras and a lot of religious songs.

This festival has been celebrated by most of the devotees by fasting for 9 days to get complete blessings or first and last date of this festival. This festival is celebrated by south Indians as the wedding anniversary of Goddess Sita and Lord Rama. The temples are decorated on the southern region to celebrate this festival. People in Ayodhya and Mithila celebrate the wedding anniversary according to Valmiki Ramayana at Vivaha Panchami.


Ram Navami

Ramayana is a religious and great epic of Hindu religion telling the history of Rama and his father Dasharatha, the King of Ayodhya. King Dasharatha was a king in Treta Yuga who had three wives – Sumitra, Kaikeyi and Kaushalya. Since he had no children, he was worried for the future of Ayodhya. He was suggested by Rishi Vasistha to do Puthra Kamesthi Yagna to fulfill his need for a kid.


Hindus in Southern region in India perform Kalyanotsavam to commemorate marriage anniversary of Lord Rama. They make the statues of Rama and Sita at their homes. They conduct procession on streets by taking their statues at the end for the celebration of Ram Navami. People fast for nine days and perform holy pooja on the last day of Navratri.


The Hindu festival of Ram Navami has great significance. The festival is celebrated on 9th day of Chaitra month which showcases the entrance of divine power and removal of evil forces in the world. To remove the evil forces to maintain Dharma on earth, Lord Vishnu took birth as the son of Dashratha. It is celebrated by the Hindus passionately for the purification of their body and soul. He came to the world to destroy Ravana, the demon king, to secure the Dharma. The festival depicts the victory of good over evil. People fast during Navratri for the purification of mind and body.

Ram Navami 2017 Date, Puja Shubh Muhurat Timing

Date – In 2017, Ram Navami would be celebrated across India on April 5, Wednesday

Duration of Puja – 2 hours: 28 minutes

Puja Muhurta – 11:15 am to 1:43 pm

Navami Date Begins = 11:20 am on 4-Apr-2017

Navami Date Ends = 10:03 am on 5-Apr-2017




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