Top Advantages of Using Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a smooth and easy to use web browser. Though it is not as fast as Firefox in navigation and speed tests, Chrome still works well in daily use. It is a widely-used browser as it is compatible to many operating systems and devices and it is versatile. Google Chrome is highly recommended browser for Windows, Mac and Android and iOS devices for some good reasons.

Speed and Performance

Chrome loads some sites in few seconds. It is faster than most other browsers. But while navigating between pages, it takes a few more seconds than other browsers. It is still good because it has in-built PDF reader and Flash player. Hence, there is no need to install any other app if you have Chrome. It syncs between your mobile devices and computer. So, you can easily open all your bookmarks, saved items, passwords, and security settings on any device you are logged in.

Clean, Intuitive Layout


Google Chrome has well-organized, clean and interactive layout. It has clear features and is very simple to understand. It enables 1-click bookmark on any page. You can simply pin the shortcuts on toolbar on in Apps tab so you can easily visit the sites you love and popular Google apps with ease.


Chrome updates automatically to keep you safe from all security woes. It installs all the recent security fixes when they roll out. When you visit any suspicious or phishing website that may have malware, it displays a warning message. It is also compatible with the top online security and antivirus programs which cover extensions to keep you fully secured against malware.


Chrome’s online help desk provides full support for different products. Its resources can help you start as a new user and help you customize browser if you are a developer. You can also browse FAQs, check common product issues, and change display and language settings.

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