Top 4 Best Office Chair Brands In India

People often overlook the importance of having a quality office chair. They are obviously pretty expensive than usual chairs but it is a good investment for overall mental and physical health of you and your staff.

People spend up to 40 to 45 hours a week at office desks. It is totaling up to 2080 hours in a year, according to a survey.

Sitting in wrong posture for several hours can cause strain on the hip, hunched shoulders, sciatica pain and back pain. Hence, that comfort is much needed when sitting or working for long hours. It also improves your overall productivity.

With so many options to choose from, it is quite daunting to choose the best one. With that in mind, we have listed down 4 top office chair in India.


If you are looking for an office chair to keep working all day long, be it checking reports, responding emails, or working with coworkers, AmazonBasics is the first choice for many corporate offices. Its office chairs come with professional, sleek design and great support to get through all day.

Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder is another reputed and leading brand offers exclusive and complete range of ergonomic office chairs with different degrees of personal adjustments like back rest, arm rest, and head rest. You can choose from amazing designs of ergonomic and executive office chairs.

In this age of busy lifestyles, Urban Ladder is doing a great work by helping professionals by offering ergonomically designed office chairs. You can choose chairs with different features like adjustable back tension, seat height, and head rest support. All of these chairs are really worth their price for your comfort.

Green Soul

Next in this list is the premium and pioneering brand, Green Soul. They offer office chairs as a complete package – durable, comfortable and attractive. They add extra padding on the seat, head, back, arm rests and head rest. Hence, their office chairs are very comfortable. The back is contoured and high for added support to your back while sitting for long hours.

KS Traders

KS Traders is a leading and most reputed office chair brands in India. They offer ergonomically designed office chairs for ample comfort and support for the back and shoulders. It features heavy padding and strong frame with additional layer of foam. It has soft cushioned seat and strong arm rests for ample comfort for hours.

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