Teej Festival – Significance and Cultural Importance

The festival of Teej or Teeja is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm by Indian women. Since this festival is celebrated at the outbreak of rainy season, it is also called as “Saawan Festival”. Usually it falls from July to August. Teej festival is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati, the holy couple. Teej is celebrated at various regions in the country and abroad. Mostly, Teej is celebrated in Jaipur. The festive environment and long processions create a bright and colorful atmosphere.

Types of Teej Festival

Teej Festival

Kajari Teej – It is celebrated on Krishna Paksha. Women perform sacred worship of Neem and sing and dance along.

Hariyali Teej – It is celebrated on Shravana month of Shukla Paksha. Women use flowers, milk and curd to worship moon.

Hartalika Teej – It is celebrated on Bhadra month and falls on 3rd day of first fortnight. Women observe fast without water “Nirjala Vrat” for the health and well-being of their husband.

The Cultural Significance

Teej festival is rooted deeply in cultural and religious ethos in India. It plays a vital role to define the real sense of relationship between couples. In addition, it gives some break to women from their daily routine.

Religious Significance

Teej festival is devoted to Goddess Parvati who was believed to observe fast for Lord Shiva. On that day, the holy couple reunited with one another after centuries. Women commemorate this event these days with Nirjala vrat for the long life and well being of their husband.

Climatic Importance

Teej welcomes the arrival of monsoon season. It coincides with the season and adds a great impact for the celebration. Women enjoy the pleasure of this evergreen climate and enjoy with singing, swinging and dancing. Teej festival has great importance as it gives an escape from daily hassles. So, they also have chance to relive the moments of childhood at their parents’ home. It’s no wonder that women celebrate this festival with great joy and fervor. They wear beautiful clothes and jewelry and apply Mehndi on their feet and hands.

Teej Strengthens Relationships

Teej festival is known to strengthen relationship between married couples. Women are used to observe fast to pray for the long life and well-being of husband. This earnest devotion makes women more committed and closer to their partner. Husbands also feel special when wife strains herself. They become more caring and loving for their wife. They also present gifts to their partners and become more sensitive towards their loving wives.

The Celebration

The festival is celebrated in a very colorful manner. Women prepare for the festival a week in advance. Women buy new jewelry, clothes and accessories to wear on this special day. Women shop for different items and markets are crowded. Women try to look as stunning as possible on this festival. They apply intricate designs of Mehndi on their feet and hands. A special procession is planned when the bedecked Goddess Parvati’s idol is kept on palanquin and taken in procession.


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