Jamat Ul Vida – Its History, Cultural Significance and Celebrations

Jamat-ul-Vida is an auspicious and special festive event celebrated every year a day before the last date of Ramzan month. Muslim people, along with their regular Friday Namaaz, perform special prayer by reading the Holy Quran throughout the day.

Jamat-Ul-Vida History

Jamat Ul Vida

According to the Islamic tradition and culture, Prophet Mohammad started something quite different on their special Friday. According to him, Friday is the blessed and most auspicious day than other days. If anyone spends the day by reciting holy Quran and worshipping, they are always protected throughout the week by the Allah. According to Muslim people, angel of God pays visit to the Mosque at this day and listens to the Imam. By going to the Mosque for prayer early morning, people also get rewarded. According to Prophet Mohammad, Allah forgives all the sins by performing Friday Namaz every week.

About Jamat-Ul-Vida Festival

According to the Islamic traditions and cultures, every week, Friday becomes a special day and the only source to salvation and blessings. Also known as Jummat-al-Wida, the Jamat-ul-Vida mentions good wishes from holy Quran.  This festival is celebrated by the individuals by reciting their holy book, special prayers and a lot of social works to seek blessings. People get indulged in social work, such as feeding the helpless and poor to seek blessings from god. Up to thousands of Muslims flock together at this special festival, the last prayer in Ramzan month. The festival is celebrated at the mosques in the city where prayer is performed for the success, peace and harmony.

Jamat-Ul-Vida Celebration Date 2016

Jamat-Ul-Vida will observe across the world in India by Muslim people on June 23, 2017 on Friday.

Jamat-ul-Vida Celebration

Jamat-ul-Vida is the most religious and special festival for the Muslims who walk at the day faithfully towards Central Mosque to offer honor and prayer to their Almighty Allah. The festival is celebrated by the people in the mosque from early morning and they get showered by mercy, blessings and forgiveness.

According to the Muslims, their prayer is accepted by the god undoubtedly at this day. They organize the tents all over the mosques for the relief of the crowd. The nearest mosques are crowded with the devotees seeking divine blessings.

Jamat-ul-Vida – Rituals and Significance

Before the final day of Ramzan month, Jamat-ul-Vida is the most significant day for the Muslims. The prayer is traditionally performed in early morning and holy Quran is recited throughout the day and all the activities are involved to help the needy and poor by offering all the important things and food. At this day, special arrangements are done in the mosques to avoid the problems and to ease the devotees. The priest encourages them to follow holy Quran throughout the life to get forgiveness and salvation. They prepare feasts and enjoy with children, family, friends and neighbors.

Despite the fact that Jamat-ul-Vida is not listed in the calendar, Jamat-Ul-Vida is a very important day loaded with superior spiritual import.


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