Akansha Sharma: The “Spoilt Diva” in search of some Easy Fame around

The Overly hyped Akansha Sharma who got in the news after her so called “Harassment claims against the Yuvraj singh’s family must be thanking the social media trends to bring her into the Limelight free of charge. But the Controversial diva who usually believes in the fact that by spilling filth on someone she can grab all the eyeballs around, often forgot that she herself is a more controversial identity as been proved by her Pictures and videos posted on her Instagram account.

Photos – Instagram


As we all can see that the above pictures and videos almost confirms that this very own self proclaimed “Victim” is quite addicted to Drugs and often stay high all day around so it would be quite silly to believe to her “dirty” claims on the Reputed Singh family with her current state of mind. Moreover, all these “High class addictions” requires big money and whilst we all know her “Employment status” in Bollywood industry confirms as “Jobless”, it’s quite a proven fact that the lady is in big time need for easy fame and money and she seems like going beyond her limits in the process.

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