10 Hot Beautiful Images of Huma Qureshi (HD Wallpaper & Photo)

Huma qureshi is an Indian film actress she born into msulim family at 28th july 1986 in delhi, india. She has completed their education in delhi and she has done her graduation in history honours at the gargi college in delhi. After the college she worked in theater production in delhi and she went on to act in many ads. Anurag kashayp her noticed them and offered her role in their movie Gangs of Wasseypur in 2012 and from the same started her acting career in bollywood industry. Huma qureshi played in this movie after that played role in many movie like ek thi daayan, dedh ishqiya, badalpur and she role in Marathi movie in highway in 2015. Huma qureshi is a very talented actress and most honest their work.

Huma qureshi will be seen in tamil upcoming movie gangster drama kaala. Huma qureshi did’t dated anyone she very much single and she only focused her work her family.

Please check the huma qureshi’s hottest look.


Huma Qureshi 1


Huma Qureshi 2


Huma Qureshi 3


Huma Qureshi 4


Huma Qureshi 5


Huma Qureshi 6


Huma Qureshi 7


Huma Qureshi 8


Huma Qureshi 9


Huma Qureshi 10


Huma Qureshi 11

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